Supporting You Through Pregnancy Decisions and Loss

Pregnancy Decision

An unintended pregnancy can be a crisis for anyone whatever your circumstances.

Or your pregnancy may have become an agonising situation if you’ve been advised of a possible foetal abnormality.

Whatever your individual circumstances, Y Bont can provide free support to individuals and couples, giving you space to think and to help you make an informed decision

Pregnancy Loss

Y Bont provides support to anyone who has experienced pregnancy loss from any cause and at any stage of pregnancy.

You may have sadly suffered a miscarriage, molar or ectopic pregnancy or experienced the devastation of a stillbirth or neonatal loss. Your loss may have been a recent occurrence, or it could have happened years  or decades ago. You may have experienced one loss, or many. Y Bont provides free care and support giving you space to share and work through your emotions

Post Termination Support

If you have had a termination you may experience a variety of emotions; some may be unsettling and some may not surface until months or even years later. 

However you are feeling now, we can provide free care and support. Y Bont can give you the time and space to share and work through these emotions as you share your experience in a safe and compassionate environment

Why We do, what we do

Y Bont is a free support service in North Wales and Chester for anyone facing a pregnancy decision and for those in need of support after experiencing pregnancy loss.

Do you have a difficult pregnancy decision to make?

Have you had a miscarriage, ectopic pregnancy, stillbirth or neonatal death?

Or have you experienced a termination of pregnancy?

We can help.

For a Welsh version of the support we offer, click here

Help for Partners

Pregnancy decisions, termination of pregnancy and pregnancy loss affect partners too.

We provide free care and support giving you space to share and work through your emotions.

We can see you on your own or with your partner.

Partners can include spouses or civil partners, including same-sex partners, biological fathers and co-parents.

We constantly review the language we use at Y Bont to help ensure that everyone has access to the support we offer.


Our Charity

Y Bont is the only dedicated Pregnancy Decisions and Pregnancy Loss support service in North Wales.

Our vision is to see anyone in North Wales and Chester enabled and equipped to make an informed decision about a pregnancy without fear, pressure or judgement, and to support those who have been affected by pregnancy loss through miscarriage, stillbirth or termination of pregnancy, or who have experienced neonatal loss.

Local agencies and healthcare professionals can refer and signpost to Y Bont and clients can access our services directly.

Y Bont volunteers have completed the accredited Pregnancy Choices Support Course (CACHE) and Support Following a Decision to Terminate a Pregnancy Course (CACHE) or have equivalent experience and in-house training. Volunteers all receive regular, ongoing supervision and training.