Pregnancy Loss

We provide free care and support giving you space to share and work through your emotions.

However early on in pregnancy your loss was, or however late; whether your loss was at birth or in the neonatal period, you have lost a child and we are so sorry for your loss.

You may have sadly had a miscarriage, molar or ectopic pregnancy or experienced the devastation of a stillbirth or neonatal loss. Your loss may have been a recent occurrence, or it could have happened years or decades ago. You may have experienced one loss, or many. Y Bont can help.

A pregnancy loss can leave a woman or man feeling overwhelmed with unanswerable questions and grief. A sense of isolation and loss can be common and may leave you feeling ‘out of step’ with events. Y Bont can give you time and space as you share your experience in a safe and compassionate environment. We can help you work through your emotions that surround your loss. We allow you time to express your pain, hurt and disappointment and will support you for as long as you feel is necessary.

Grief is a uniquely personal experience and how you deal with having experienced a pregnancy loss is incredibly personal. Grief is normal. When you lose a pregnancy you also lose so many potential memories and experiences with that child.

If you would like support through this difficult experience Y Bont is here to help. We provide free, confidential support for women, men and couples. 

Our free support service is available to anyone living in North Wales or Chester.

We are able to offer support in our centre in Wrexham.

We are also able to offer remote support via telephone and video appointments.


“I feel ready to move on…thank you for helping me realise I still had a future”

Client, Wrexham

We are commited …

…to provide a confidential* service to all clients

…to provide a trained listening ear, care and support

…to do this in a caring, safe and supportive environment; always being truthful and respecting every individual

…and at all times to offer hope.

* All of our support is confidential: it will not be shared with anyone outside of the organisation (unless in the rare case you tell us something that indicates you or someone else is at risk of harm. We may then have to inform someone, but you will be kept fully aware of any actions we take, unless there is a risk to ourselves, or someone else, in doing so.)